Who is your top 5?

Hi everyone, I hope life is going well for you all. I have been off the grid for while spending some time doing some workshops and other things. I thought I would follow on from my last blog and take it up a notch and get you to look at the top 5 people you spend your time with or come into regular contact with whether it is in person, by Skype or phone.

The reason I say by Skype and phone is that I know we all have busy lives and we may talk to someone regularly that is our confident, support person or sounding board that we may not see each week but talk to them. Some of my top five fit this category as they live interstate. Also we are all busy with work and families commitments so we don't always get to see these people in person.

So write down your top 5, leave some room in between each one as you are going to write down information about them, they can be your partner (well I would hope so if you have one lol), your parents, your siblings or best friends. Please do not include children unless they are aged over twenty one.

The reason we look at your top 5 is that they are the people that have the most influence on your life. You are the average of your top 5. Let me repeat that, you are the average of your top 5.

So what does that mean? Next to each person’s name, write why they are in your life and think about if they have a more positive or negative affect on you. This is not to start arguments or lay blame, it is just a simple task to get you thinking about who impacts your life and at what level. The next step is to write down how happy they are, how successful they are. Do they have their shit together financially? Are they in a happy relationship? What do you admire about them?

What does each of your top 5 complain about most? Is it lack of money, stress around work, not enough time, need to exercise more ETC. Also write what they are successful at. Are they hitting the relationship goals? Do they love their job or the work they do, do they have great health and fitness? So if you have 3 people out of your top 5 are struggling with money for an example, you are the average of your top 5. If all your team are kicking goals financially, that is awesome as this is influencing you, except if you are financially struggling, then you could be bringing the average down lol.

That is not to make you feel bad. I didn't grow up with parents to guide me financially; therefore I made some poor decisions. However it is not all doom and gloom, you can turn this around by reading books like the Barefoot Investor, talk to your friends and ask for some guidance. I am sure they would love to help you out with some tips. Or see a financial planner, your bank may offer this service for free.

Think about what area in your life you want to improve? If you find the people in your inner circle are not greatly influencing what you want, then it doesn't mean you go out and get new friends lol. You just add other people and groups to your circle. For example you may want to get fit, so you take up running and get a running buddy. You may want to take your business to the next level, so you look at getting a mentor or spending time with someone that is successfully doing this.

You may have to invest some money or pay for someone’s services for something you want to improve. Like joining a gym and having personal training to reach your fitness goals. Work with a life coach ETC.

We do not need to only have those in our inner circle influence us. We can have other people and groups there to support us and to help us learn and grow. You never know you may meet your tribe through a common goal or interest. If you find you join one group but don't feel like it is a good fit, then keep looking. Don't give up. A group or a new friend to add to your circle that impacts your life in a positive and happy way may be just around the corner.

Have a fabulous week everyone. Please share my blog and FB page with anyone you may feel would benefit from reading it.

Love & blessings

Heids xo

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