Defining Clutter

Hi everyone, I hope you have all had an amazing week. I also have been busy with a special furniture paint project for a beautiful friend. I will be finishing this project later today and will share some photos on my site. I love this latest project I have been working on, it has taken a lot of work and I am excited to reveal it soon.

Most people that know me know I love and work with the energy of crystals. In all my clearings the clients altar always have crystals that assist with the clearing I am doing for them. The crystal in this picture is Prehnite on Epidote, this one is not for sale, and it is out of my personal collection. I chose this, as Prehnite is excellent for assisting with de-cluttering.

Over the next few weeks I am going to write about clutter. I get so many questions around clutter and how it affects your life. So this is a more in depth look into the types of clutter and what impact they have. I know I have written about this before but this is a refresher. A lot of my clients worry when I am going to do a space clearing for them that I am going to judge how their home looks and that they have to do a clean up before I come. It is a bit like some people who have a cleaner and they madly go around cleaning and wiping surfaces before the cleaner turns up LOL. Why have a cleaner if you are going to clean before they come?

The truth is when I go into someone's home, I am feeling the energy that is there. If you have clutter and lots of it, then you are going to have stuck and stagnant energy. Obviously there are different degrees and levels of clutter. However, don't be quick to say "but I don't have any clutter". You may have a clean space, but are your cupboards organised or is everything stuffed in waiting to fall out the next time someone opens the door? Yes, I know about that stuff too. I may not be able to see it but I can feel the energy. That does not mean that when I go to do a space clearing I need all the drawers and cupboards open; it is not necessary.

This week's topic will be physical clutter. When you have loads of clutter around you such as piles of clothes, magazines, dishes, countless ornaments covering every surface, cupboards bursting at the seams, it will make you feel tired, drained, unmotivated and unable to think straight. It makes the area stagnant and stuck not only in the physical but also energetically. Not only does it affect your home but also it affects you energetically and mentally. Have a look around and see if you can see things you need to do or do not really need in your life. Do you have piles of laundry that needs sorting, folding, ironing and putting away? Do you have piles of paperwork to sort and file? Do you have so many things on tables, cabinets etcetera you can't see the surfaces?

I am not saying you have to live like a monk -I certainly don’t - however, you need to be reasonable. I have a few ornaments but there is space for the energy to move around them. Plus it does not take me an hour to remove them just to clean and dust. For those of you that have collector items, store them and display them in a cabinet, that way you get to enjoy them. I want you to go from room to room and really look at the things you own and see if you really need them. Could you sell some things online you no longer need or gift them to your favourite charity? When you look at things you own, I really want you to look at them from a perspective of how they impact your life. Are they useful? Do you use them? When was the last time you used it?

We have so much stuff, as society teaches us that we need all this stuff. But really how much of it do we really need. I can think of a couple of things I could get rid of right now. Please also recycle it; if it can go to charity, please do. We have so much waste on our planet. I am asking you to please do your bit to save our planet so we can enjoy it and future generations can too. Also this creates more good things to flow back to you. If you do good, more goodness will come back to you tenfold.

What if I told you that everything you own connects to you by a thread? So wherever you go, going about your business on a daily basis, on holiday traveling, you energetically take that with you. That is a huge weight some of you are carrying around with you. You hear people all the time say they quit their corporate job and sold everything and live more simply doing what they love and traveling. They simply gave up their material world for a freer life enjoying doing the things they love.

I am not saying we should all do this, though it could be done if we really wanted to. I know I have thought about this many times. Everyone's circumstances are different and what suits one person may not suit another. One element that makes us all the same though, is that we all deserve to be happy. No matter what your job is and who you are, happiness is the key to living a fulfilled life. How we live our life and what we do is going to have an impact on you and those around you. The things you surround yourself with, will have an impact on your life whether you know it right now or not.

When you look at things you own, sense how they make you feel. Is it giving you a happy and positive vibration or is it sad and negative? If it is the later, you need to part with it. Every time you look at that object and it gives you a negative or sad thought that is being released into your home energetically.

I will leave that last thought and piece of advice with you. Next week I am going to write about the energetic influences clutter has on you. I would love you to please share my blog, Facebook page and Instagram with your family and friends. Have a fabulous week ahead and stay safe.

Love & blessings

Heids xoxo

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