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Hi Everyone, I hope you all had an amazing week. I have had a crazy busy week and did a huge powerful space clearing yesterday. There was so many hours of work in it and it went beautifully. I so love doing this work.

This week's blog is following on from last week around the theme of energy. This week I am going to talk about energy and time and how we spend it with other people and how we spend it alone. Are we doing things we love that are lifting our energy vibration? Are we giving 100 percent to the people we are engaging with, whether it be on the phone or in person? Are we fully listening and hearing what they are saying? Are you distracted doing something else?

We are all guilty of doing something whilst chatting to a friend on the phone. I know when I am speaking to someone and they are doing something else, whether it is washing dishes, reading something on line, watching TV or doing something else, it is really hard to stay connected and in conversation with them. I also know I have been guilty of doing this as well. With technology these days, smart phones are so sensitive to noise that I have noticed mine picks up every background noise and if someone is doing something like washing dishes, cooking or even opening a wrapper on something it is so loud.

In the world we live in, we are so busy all the time, we are trying to cram everything in. People with more than one child are being pulled in multiple directions, not just with each child vying for attention but also if they have parties to go to, sporting events and anything else going on. If you are working full-time and then juggling all the household chores, adding children, your partner, family and friends into the mix, life can become totally insane and at times chaotic. So where do you find "Me" time in all that.

The more I practice sitting down and giving my undivided attention to a friend on the phone, the more sensitive I become when I am listening and I can tell when they are distracted It is not a very nice feeling. I know that they are not doing it intentionally; it is simply because they are trying to cram everything in that they need to do in their day.

So how do we then give each other undivided attention? How does time versus energy work? Wouldn't you rather spend 15 minutes talking to someone fully connected than half an hour of them not fully engaging with you? I know I would. Everyone deserves 100 percent of your presence. They want to engage with you as they value the connection they have with you. If you are busy and a friend calls and you know you are going to be distracted then ask them if you can call them back and when is a good time. That way you will be both free to chat, giving each other your full attention.

Dedicate time to sit down with each of your children, giving them one-on-one time to talk about their day, help with their home work etc. Explain to the other children if they go to interrupt that time they need to wait. This will teach them the value of respect and patience. Obviously if there is an emergency then that is a totally different situation. Dedicate some time to spend each day with your husband, wife or partner talking about your day. And I don't mean whilst watching TV or being on your phones.

How many times do you go out and see a group of people having lunch or dinner not engaging with each other, but all on their phones. It is crazy. Now I know lots of people, including myself, who love to do an Instagram or Facebook post to share with loved ones of what they are up to. It is fun, quick and easy. However this does not replace connecting with each other one-on-one.

A few weeks ago I caught up with friends I had not seen for nearly a year. We took a quick snap of the cheese platter and wine I had bought over to post on Instagram and then put phones away for the rest of the time I was there. We talked and laughed for a couple of hours and her husband came home and some other friends joined us that were staying with them. We enjoyed some wonderful conversation and laughed so much and enjoyed a delicious meal together. It was so great. Even the friends' young adult children sat around the table enjoying the conversation without a phone in sight. It was so lovely.

This also applies at work and I know I am guilty of it. You are in the middle of something and your phone rings and you answer it whilst finishing something else off. You are not giving that person on the phone your full attention. We live in such a busy world, we are trying to juggle everything and we feel pressured to do everything when we simply need to take a step back and focus on one thing at one time. We will only then give a full commitment to the task at hand.

We also need to set boundaries with people. I know in the work I do with clients, I need to set boundaries on my time and energy. Clients are not fully aware of how much time I spend on their clearings and how long it takes to prepare and process the information that comes through. I have had clients calling me at all hours. When I do this work I give more them 100 percent of my time and energy, as I want the best possible outcome for them. It is very high energy and the connection I am using will last from the time I connect with them on the phone, when they make the decision to go ahead, up to the period after the clearing is completed, which is generally just over a week later. However, there are times when some clients are expecting me to be on call all hours of the day and night and that is when I have to set boundaries, not only for them but also for my self-care.

We all need to take time out for ourselves. It is not being selfish, it's looking after your own needs so you can be there for others. Take that relaxing undisturbed bath, meditate, go and sit quietly in nature or take a walk. Whatever gives you some time out and recharges your battery is going to benefit yourself and others. Do not feel guilty for taking this time. I know a lot of parents are saying I can't do that as the kids are always interrupting. The lesson here is that they need to learn not to interrupt and always have their own way. Believe me, you are teaching them something that will help them when they are older. Give them something to do whilst you take some time out. Get them to read a book, teach them to meditate, (that could take a lot of practice - LOL!), however you may find they love having that quiet time too. If all else fails, do something for yourself when they are in bed.

Spending time with the loved ones, giving them your full attention without outside distractions will strengthen and add value to your relationships. Taking time out for yourself will calm and nurture you. As women, we are so good at nurturing others we forget to nurture ourselves. How can we nurture others when our energy supply is depleted? We simply can't.

Have a fabulous week everyone. I look forward to connecting with you all next week. Take some time out and practice connecting with each other in a kind, loving way. Please feel free to share my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages with your family and friends.

Love Heids xo

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