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Celestite & Diotside
Celestite & Diotside

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Receiving Angelic Reiki from Heidi Silver was a wonderfully spiritual experience. 

Leading a busy life like many people, with 3 young kids and a full time job, I felt it was important to take some time out of my day to recharge the batteries and the soul.

After one session with Heidi I immediately felt more relaxed, more centered and more clear of mind. In fact during each session, (yes I went back for more), I could feel a shift in my energy, I felt lighter and less stressed.

I would thoroughly recommend Heidi’s Angelic Reiki for many reasons, not only for the benefits listed above but also because you are in the company of a very professional and experienced Master Healer who takes her time to get to know you prior and ensures before you leave her sacred space she has answered your questions and you feel relaxed with the process.

 Kelly Charpentier


I felt very honoured to have a space clearing of my house done by Heidi, in April 2017. I would 100% recommend Heidi’s space clearing ceremony, and positive changes individually to me and my surroundings since the ceremony is amazing.
Heidi and I met for the first time on a Sunday for the client interview. I was instantly attracted to Heidi’s passion, enthusiasm and love for what she was doing. Heidi made me feel so comfortable and relaxed when collecting my personal details. It astounded me how thorough and accurate her assessment was of me (like a very close friend).'
Heidi was incredibly accommodating and flexible when arranging the ceremony date, she was punctual and professional on the ceremony day. Her presence and energy on the day was like 'a breath of fresh air'. It was a pleasure watching Heidi do her house clearing and de cluttering magic on the day. I found I was mesmerised by her unique style and talent.
I was awestruck at Heidi’s personalised altar creation, and the pride she took in the attention to details was incredible. Heidi gifted me a beautiful miniature orchid at the ceremony, which takes pride of place in my home today; she also made an essential oil spray which when used instantly calms me. All crystals used on the altar were explained to me in detail of why she selected them for me. Heidi’s generosity also included a personal blessing and 5 carefully selected crystals. At the next full moon, I purchased a lovely magnolia plant for my verandah and placed the blessing and crystals under the plant in the soil.
After the ceremony, I noticed a massive difference in my anxiety levels, and the ease I felt to surrender to my higher good. I felt calm and excited for the future. I have de cluttered and re arranged furniture in my home. I now feel comfortable in my home. I also have experienced unforeseen money into my life and the new people entering my life are so refreshing.
I am so privileged to have met Heidi, and grateful that I had the opportunity to experience her talents space clearing my house.
Thank you Heidi.

Joanne Cluff

Phone 0411 827 454  (phone testimonial also available)

It has been 3 months since the clearing and I have experienced wonderful results form Heidi’s work. My intimate relationship has evolved and grown. Our communication is clear, respectful, kind and honest. Our commitment to each other continues to grow – A wonderful, powerful thing to have!
I have completed decluttering my home however, this is a continual for me as I embrace and welcome simplicity. My daughter loves her bedroom and sleeps better.
Within myself I have had some powerful perceptional shifts. I have identified old wounds/beliefs and I easily and quickly transformed and let them go! They have been around the theme of love and my feelings of betrayal.
I have been contacted for some work by a prominent international entrepreneur and this came to me as if on angel wings! And something I would NEVER had predicted. This income allows me to continue to focus on my vision for my own business. Heidi’s work has certainly had a very positive effect on my life and I am so pleased she has chosen this modality as I know she will help many people live happier, fulfilling lives!
Thank you so much Heidi! Xx
Margaret Sramko
Dream Therapist & Transformational Teacher

Since the ceremony, my friendship with Peter deepened and transformed into to a beautiful relationship where we are now engaged. I had really felt at the time when he turned up at the ceremony that he was meant to be there and be part of the process. Immediately after the clearing when Heidi was debriefing us all I sat next to him and naturally put my arm around Peter as I felt such love flowing through me to him as a result of the love flowing through my home from the clearing. It was the beginning of our change together.
My mother felt the difference in the home and in hers too from Heidi’s own bell clearing of her. She felt the home lighter. I did too. The ceremony was so peaceful that I actually fell asleep during it.
Since the clearing I have also had a job offer and projects offers for my editing business from 2 publishing companies. My fiancé has also stepped in to improve finances too.
But the biggest and best change is that due to my fiancé’s generosity, my bedroom has been completely transformed with a new bedroom suite and cupboard renovations, new curtains, blinds etc – and any reminder of my previous life in that room is completely gone.
This was the room that Heidi experienced the salt being thrown around. The way was cleared for it to be transformed. And when Pete moves in we’ll be finalizing the renovations I’ve always dreamed of.
Around my health I received some top-notch diagnoses since the clearing, with new diet and medication, and still more appointments are coming up to check various things out. In the past I was putting this all off but now felt the flow to follow through on it all. I’ve lost 3 kg.
I am so grateful for Heidi for the clarity she has brought. She is truly gifted in what she does.
Wendy Millgate
Wendy & Words

I’m extremely happy with everything that Heidi has done for us! There is an obvious difference in the energy in the house, and all the things that I asked Heidi to bring into the house have started to manifest beautifully. My daughter has been much better with her temper, although she is still quick to anger it doesn’t last as long or get to escalate to such intensity. I have started to potter in my garden again, and I am making big changes downstairs.
Heidi comes highly recommended and I find her to be extremely professional and genuinely caring and I am beyond impressed with her capability, knowledge and passion.

Sahra Ashford

We all sensed an immediate shift of the negativity from the house over the first few days but even as the first week passed the energy in the home felt peaceful and fluid, especially in the bedrooms and main lounge area and we all felt more relaxed and tensions were reduced.
We continue to use the clearing spray weekly around the house to revitalise the positivity and we really like the scent used, it’s calming and nurturing.
Heidi’s interviews enabled us to open-up about negative feelings, emotions and memories we had that had been lingering around us and in certain rooms in particular and I think even this process encouraged a shift to take place.
It was a gift and blessing to have Heidi come and perform this clearing for us and we are very grateful for her authenticity, honesty and love which she gives so willingly – thank you for sharing this with us.

Cait & Paul O’Halpin