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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all going well and had a wonderful past two weeks. Sorry I missed connecting with you all last week, I did an exceptional special clearing last week for a beautiful client. Of course my clearings are special, they all just have different elements in them. I love doing this work and how it changes my client's lives for the better.

Today I am going to write about routine and balancing life commitment in general and having a support network. We all feel the pressures of being pulled in different directions daily. Many of us have a job where we have daily tasks and processes we need to do. People calling on us for their attention across many parts of the business and even external clients. We then have our partners, wife, husband, children, sister, brother, mum, dad and friends and the list goes on all vying for our attention. We have our own interests outside of work and family, whether it be sport, gym, yoga ETC. Then there is your children's school projects and their outside interests whether that be their sport, music and loads more. Having one child is busy enough, but add another one or two and life becomes manic. Seriously I admire all my friends with children and more so all those single mums and dads out there.

The reality is we cannot give everyone and everything 100% of our time, something has to give. If you break it down you have 5 areas of your life such as Personal, Work & Finance, Family & Friends, Spiritual & Health. You have 100% of your time and energy to give to those areas and you say easy I will give 20% equally to each across your day but it not going to be possible all the time. Lets say you have to work back at the office or at home as you have an important project to complete, that would eat into you personal or family time. You may skip the gym that day or not be able to spend as long with your children or partner. Therefore you are taking a percentage out of that time.

It is okay to not be able to do everything everyday, it simply is not possible. An example is the last two weeks I have had two huge clearings to do. So I spent all my time at my full-time job five days a week and then working on my clearings everyday after work and weekends. I had no time for friends and other commitments and needed to reschedule to the weeks after my clearings were completed. This is more then okay as I need to dedicate my time to my clients. For me it was easy as I don't have children or a partner vying for my time and my friends and family understand.

For all of you though that have children, activities and partners, it is a pure balancing act and having a routine is important. I am sure most of you have it all down to clock work and being organised is a major key component to keeping everything on track. So what happens when something comes up suddenly. You learn to cope and change with the circumstances. The main thing is that you have a routine that gives you the flexibility to change with whatever comes up.

Sometimes these change of circumstances can be high stress situations and you feel like your world is tilting out of control. It is always good to remember you, your partner and family all cope differently and we all react in different ways. Although remaining calm is the key, I know it can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Having a great support group is important. Whether it be family or friends, it is valuable to have people you can reach out to if needed and vice versa.

It is valuable for everyone to know and understand in your circle of friends and family that you are there for them. Sometimes we find if difficult to ask for help and even though you know you are there for your friends and family, it is still nice to remind them and let them know they are valued. I see many people sadly take the people close to them for granted and that in some situations it is expected they will be there automatically when they need them. When we value the people around us and do little things that are unexpected it can come back to you when you least expect it or when you need it most.

Just this week I connected with a friend to purchase something I needed for a furniture project. I have known this person for many years and we have become friends. She told me she had recently lost someone close to her and it was very hard. I decided after I got off the phone to do some crystals up for her to help her cope and a thank you card as she is always so generous with her time when we chat. Little did I know she was putting in a gift for me to go with my purchase that she had been working on. It happened to be a crystal grid and I was so excited when I received it as I had been thinking about crystal grid work for some time. This is a perfect example of when we give from our heart without expectation of receiving anything in return we can suddenly be pleasantly surprised.

So the key things are to have a routine that works for you and your family, having a support network, giving and receiving without expectation and valuing those around you. Have a think if there is someone you haven't connected with recently and see how they are doing. If you think your routine needs some tweaking, think about what changes you can make to improve it so you have more time with your family or friends or even nurturing yourself. I hope this has helped. Have a fabulous week everyone and I look forward to connecting with you all next week. Please feel free to share my blog, Instagram and Facebook pages with your family and friends.

Love Heids xo

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