Energetic Clutter

Hi everyone, wow the year is flying by, April tomorrow already. It is nice to see blue sky today. It was lovely to have had the rain; we still need a lot more. I hope some of you were able to look at the things you own and maybe get rid of some things. I gave away a couple of mirrors and the timber stands, as I wasn't using them in my furniture restoration. They have gone to a good home and it makes more room in my garage.

Today I am going to talk about energetic clutter and how it affects us. Energetic clutter is where the energy is affected by physical items, verbally spoken communication, music and even television shows you may watch. Other people's energy and anything that has happened in the home or building even prior to you living or whilst it was being built can have an effect positively or negatively. I feel your minds exploding with this information I have just delivered. It is a lot to comprehend. Energy is like wind, you can feel the affects it has on you but you cannot see it.

Physical clutter we have causes the energy to become stagnant and not flow. If you have piles of paperwork, magazines, laundry and cluttered surfaces they will affect the energetic frequency of your home and office. The physical clutter and even things you see that need fixing or doing can be overwhelming and stressful. Your thoughts and their vibrations when you are stressed, sad, upset, angry are all released into your home as energetic clutter.

Trauma related incidents have a huge impact on our home and environment. It is not only the incident that occurred but the thoughts and feelings that were released energetically that impact the space. Also added to that is the thoughts and feelings projected by those coping with the incident afterwards.

We all know the affects violent gaming has on young people these days; this not only affects them mentally but energetically, their bodies are giving off a vibration when playing these games that enters into the air and stays there unless it is cleared. It is the same when you watch particular shows; the words are spoken aloud and you and your home are taking them in. Reactions of people when they watch the awful events that are shown on the news have an affect. Arguments you may have with people in your home in person or on the phone. There is an example I would like to share so you understand energy and how it works. When there has been an argument between people and you haven't witnessed it, however you come into that space when it is all over, you can feel the energy. One of the sayings people use is "you could have cut the air with a knife”. This is the energetic imprint you are feeling.

Emotions sensed and displayed are projected into the home. Obviously there are also emotions of happiness and laughter when you watch a comedy show or share a good belly laugh and fun loving times with your friends and family. These have a positive affect on your home and environment. All the positive and negative events that occur leave an energetic imprint in your home. I want to make it clear though, that just because you have positive happy memories it does not outweigh the negative ones. Therefore we need to be mindful of what we are projecting out into our homes. It is unrealistic to think we can be happy all the time. We have work stress, family issues and financial worries and the list goes on to contend with. I also am not saying not to watch shows you love and enjoy, however be mindful on how they affect you and your family. Spend some time sensing how you feel whilst watching particular shows. Does it make you feel uplifted and inspired or sad and depressed? Also sense how you feel after spending time with your friends and family, do they leave you feeling uplifted and inspired or drained and depleted.

The energetic imprint on your home is the most important thing in your life. I know that is a bold statement but it is the truth. I hear so many stories of happy couples moving to a new home just built or had previous occupants living there and suddenly they are arguing, stressed out and the relationship is falling apart. They have financial problems they didn't have before and the list goes on. Whatever has happened to your home whilst it was built or lived in prior has an impact on it. The energy does not just go away. I had a home I cleared for a young couple and they complained that the kitchen space didn't feel right and that the tiler was very negative and he had to come back to fix some work. The kitchen was open plan. I told them to not tell me where the issue was, as I wanted to feel it myself. I felt the energy disruption in the exact spot where they had been feeling it. I also smelt a smell in a home in the main bathroom and asked if there had been any drainage issues. They said no, they had only been living there a few months after finishing building but couldn't seem to find out what was causing it. However, they had a relative who had stayed that had been recovering from surgery that was really negative. Bingo... emotions of others can leave a smell behind. After I had done the clearing we couldn't smell it.

Having a space clearing will change this energetic imprint. When I perform a clearing I am not removing the happy memories. I am only releasing and removing negative ones that no longer belong in the space. I recommend everyone has this done at least yearly by an expert, and more frequently if there has been any trauma-related incidents, such as suicide, debilitating illness or a natural death. Per my previous blog, if you have ghosts and spirits, you need to have a clearing; these do not just go away by themselves. I have seen them attach themselves to people as entities and when they move house they are still with them.

If you are looking at buying or renting when moving to a particular area, find out as much as you can about the house you are looking at and the area to see if there has been anything going on you need to know about. By law, if there has been a death in a home whether by suicide, accident or naturally, they have to disclose this. I am looking into other issues I would like to see disclosed to potential buyers and renters that can have an impact on their lives in a negative way should they choose to live there. Another thing you can do is really learn to trust your intuition, if you get an uneasy feeling and something is not quite right, generally you will be right.

I hope this has helped you understand energetic clutter a little more. Have a wonderful Sunday and week ahead. Please feel free to reach out of you have any questions. I would love it if you could please share my blog, FB and Instagram page with your family and friends.

Love & blessings

Heids xoxo

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