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Hi Everyone, I hope you had a fabulous week. I cannot believe we are into February already. I hope everyone is staying safe up north with the floods in Townsville and surrounding areas. I hope you found some inspiration from last weeks blog and spent some time doing some inner reflection. I think it is good practise for us to do that regularly, especially when we find ourselves in situations that challenge us. I meditate daily first thing before I even get out of bed. It starts my day with me feeling uplifted and at peace.

I also just started a course at Brahma Kumaris last week. Absolutely loved the session I had with Philip and can't wait to go back this week. Please check them out, they have centres located all over Australia and do courses and retreats. I want to do a silent retreat in the future. I can hear and see all those that know me rolling around on the ground laughing, yes Miss Chatterbox wants to do a silent retreat lol. Hopefully I will last more then a few hours. Will keep you posted on how that turns out after I do it. So we have covered off meditation and inner reflection. Today I am going to write about Energy and how we give and receive energy.

When we spend time with other people, whether it be social events, at work or just at home with our loves ones, we are exchanging our energy. We may feel uplifted and happy or we can come away feeling drained and tired. Its important for us to know if the people we are around are supporting us in a postive way. Of course there are going to be moments where everyday stress impacts us. However, we should always endeavour to spend time with people who empower us to be the best versions of ourselves as possible.

I know that is is not always easy, especially in a work situation. You may work in an environment where you are surrounded and come into contact with lots of people. Everyone has their own personalities and the way they deal with the work environment and the demands within their role. We all can only focus on ourselves and see how we play a part in our day to day interactions. Of course not every day is going to happy and blissful. If we however have a positive mindset and strategies in place if things appear to be going pear shaped, we can cope a lot better.

Stategies may be that you take some time away from your desk or situation to gather your thoughts and centre yourself. Take some time out to do the quick meditation I shared on my previous blog Sacred Stillness. Whatever works for you is best. If we find we are having to spend time with people who makes us feel agitated or drained, it is best to try and limit your time as much as possible with them. I know that sometimes this is not always possible and in those circumstances we need to try and detach ourselves.

If you are in a work situation, it is best to try and work things out and try to distance yourself as much as possible. Use your coping mechanisms you have in place. If you find you cannot resolve the situation and you have tried everything, then you may have to involve a third party to try and assist. If you still feel that you have done everything and really unhappy then maybe you need to see if it is worth you staying or choose to move on. I do not believe that every company is the same. I have worked in a couple of large corporations where the work atmosphere and culture was positive and happy. We had hundreds of staff working on many different levels we interacted with on a daily basis. Senior management encouraged a positive and happy work place striving to bring the best out in their staff and this filtered down to department managers and team leaders. If staff are happy and love their job then productivity is high and the atmosphere is positive. We all deserve to be happy.

It is up to us as as individuals to be in control of our destiny. If we feel we are being held back and not encouraged, then we need to look at what we love to do and what inspires us. We also need to be honest with ourselves and look deeply within and change the things we do not like about ourselves as I discussed in my last blog From Inside Out. This is not to say all is our fault, however we need to look at ourselves before we point total blame to someone else. Positive energy will attract more positive energy, negative energy will attract more negative energy and situations.

In our personal relationships outside of work we need to see if we are happy. If there is someone we feel is treating us badly, we also need to see if there is something we can change to make this better. If we feel we are trying really hard and giving a lot and the other person is not reciprocating and blaming us for their unhappiness, then we need to take a step back and think about what we are wanting. Is that person prepared to meet us half way. Happiness starts from within. We cannot rely or expect anyone or anything outside of us to make us happy. It all starts with you. When we work on ourselves and are truly happy with who we are, then we will attract situations and people who make us happy.

We all deserve to be happy and respected. Friendship and relationships are based on mutual giving and receiving of energy. No one person should keep giving and the other keep taking and vice versa, this is going to cause an imbalance. I will cover some more off on this topic next week. In the meantime have a think about your relationships and right a list of what you love and what you find not so great. See if you can have an honest discussion with the other party to resolve the not so great things and please tell them the things you love, it does not need to be all negative.

Have a fabulous week everyone and spend some time nurturing yourself. There is only one you and you deserve it. Take some time out this week to do something you love, reading a book, going for a walk in nature, feeding your body nurturing food or anything else you love. I look forward to connecting with you next week and please as always, I would love you to share my blog and page with your family and friends.

Love Heids xo

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