Finding Sacred Stillness

Hi Everyone,

Another week done and dusted and I am back. How fast is this year going already? We are nearly at the end of Jan and all the Mum's & Dads are out there trying to get organised for their kids going back to school. Some may even be relieved the school holidays are coming to the end and looking forward getting all the family back into routine.

So I finished last week with how to cope with stress. So I will be writing about this today and in the future whether it be demands on us by individuals, work pressure, family commitments or simply the pressures and expectations we put on ourselves.

We all at some time in our lives have felt the burden and stress from outside influences. We all individually have either coped or not coped in these situations. I know last year my coping mechanism broke. Now I am not blaming anyone else. I have to accept responsibility for my reaction and how I could have handled certain situations better. Unfortunately when we are in these situations where we feel like we are drowning and trying to reach out for the nearest life raft our whole rational thinking is totally out the window so to speak.

Therefore what do we do to cope better? How do we stop ourselves from completely losing our minds and souls during this time? Some people cope better then others. I know with all I have been through in my life, I generally have a better coping mechanism than most people. I have learnt to adapt and be strong and realise at the time I am going through something difficult that have been through far worse situation's then the one I am in at that moment. Last year I just had too many things I was juggling and trying to cope with all at once and came to the realisation that this is what pushed me over the edge.

In saying that, it does not mean we have to accept being treated badly by others, whether it be family, friends, work colleagues or complete strangers we meet. We all have bad days and we are all human after all. However we need to find things that work when we feel under attack so to speak. So where do we start?

One of the things I have found that works and I love and enjoy is meditation, it helps to ground me, start my day on a positive note to be able to cope with everyday situations and demanding work loads and end my day positively and calmly for a good night sleep. Now I know it is not for everyone and it has taken me a long time to get to the point where I miss it if I don't do it. If you are not sure where to start there is lots of free Apps out there, the one I use that one of my best friends put me onto is Insight Timer. It has lots of meditations ranging from anxiety, motivation, happiness & sleep etc. You will find lots on youtube too. Find what works for you.

I highly recommend it, as it will help you become centred and you will be able to cope better in difficult situations. It will help bring you more clarity and focus. It will also open up your awareness more and you may find you may realise certain things about yourself or other people. Even things you never noticed before, these could be positive or negative, we need to try not to judge. I know that is a big one to learn and we will discuss that in another session. Remember it takes practise, you need to do it every day. Make it a ritual you do each day for yourself. Yes, mindfulness is something you need to work on daily. It's like eating, you don't say today I will eat and the next day decide not to.

You can also do a silent one where you focus on your breathing, every time your mind wanders, bring your focus back to your breathe. If you are in a situation where you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, the below is a great one to do.

Simply breathe in for a count of 5

Hold your breathe for a count of 5

Breathe out for a count of 5

Hold your breathe again for a count of 5

Repeat if necessary.

This is simple and quick, it will help you become more settled and only takes 20 seconds to do. You can do this as many times as you want whenever you need it. Please try this and remember daily practise will make it easier. You can even keep a journal if you like on how you are feeling and what differences you have noticed. Sometimes when we start something new ,we think it is not working. However if we reflect and write and look back on it, we realise things have changed and our perspective and reaction to situations may have changed also. Things that annoyed us now no longer affect us as deeply.

Any shift, change and growth can be negative or positive. It is up to us to decide. We can either resist, fight it and complain generally bringing more negative situations or we can learn the lesson and be open to change and move forward.

Have a fabulous week everyone. I hope you find some stillness and peace in your life. I look forward to connecting with you all next week. Please feel free to comment on my posts. I would love to hear how you are all going. Please also share my page with anyone you may feel would benefit from my blogs and the work that do.

Love Heids xo

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