2019 - Are you ready?

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all enjoyed some time away from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life and got to relax and unwind and get ready for 2019.

I haven't blogged for a long time and I apologise for that. Last year was a crazy year full of highs and lows and I had a lot of stress from my full-time job and life in general and needed some time out. When I saw that I hadn't blogged since Oct 2017 I was shocked.

The year 2018 for me had some great moments but also a year full of challenges which did create a lot of stress, health issues and at times unhappiness. I am not going to sugar coat things as I don't want people to think my life is perfect all the time. No-ones life is bliss 24/7. Most people who follow others on social media pages think that they have the perfect life. Remember people will only put on there what they want you to see. I personally don't have a need to post when I am having a bad day, who wants to seriously read about that. I have my network of close friends and family where I can talk about things and blow of steam, they are my supporters and I am theirs. And I know how extremely lucky I am to have them in my life.

Many people look back and see the past year as a positive or a negative experience. Some people I have spoken to have said 2018 was difficult and some have said it was wonderful. No matter how you found your past year, we all get to move forward and reinvent ourselves if we choose or we can stay stuck like a mouse on a wheel going around and around doing the same thing expecting different results!

It is hard when you are really down to pull yourself out of that hole, you feel a varying degree of emotions from being overwhelmed, sad, angry, teary, guilty and so exhausted some days you are barely able to function. I know, I have been there. Last year I lost my focus on what truly makes me happy. I was so invested and obsessed with my full-time job and the pressure and high stress, that it consumed me. I forgot all about myself, my business and what was important to me.

I spent some time really thinking about what I wanted to change and what I wanted to do in 2019. the more stressed I was about the situations at work and home, the worse it got. I was focussing on driving myself to reach ridiculous goals that I lost complete sight of who I was, I became someone I didn't even like. I hated how it was making me feel and how I was portrayed by others. Who was this person I was becoming.

I felt intimidated, insecure and lost my confidence, that made me drive even harder seeking approval. Seriously why did I feel I needed other people's approval in any area of my life. It is in our human DNA and the way social media is today that makes us want to be liked, accepted and loved.

On a positive note though, had I not gone through what I went through in 2018, I wouldn't have had that moment of clarity. The emotions of the ups and downs of last year was a blessing, I couldn't see it at the time, my focus was just getting to the end of the year, I kept thinking if I can only just get to the end of the year and I can have a few days off to rest and recuperate.

On my days off over Christmas & New Year, I sat and thought about what was important, where did my focus need to be. Who was supporting me and who wasn't in all areas of my life. Who's influence did I want and need in my life. I needed to put a plan and goals in place for 2019 onwards. I have come out the other side of 2018 with some well learned lessons and this has helped me grow. I now know my "Why". That is why I do the things I do, why I have driven myself in the past to seek approval from others and most of all why and how I can help others through all my past experiences.

You need to be able to see what and who is holding you back and where you want to be. To be empowered and uplifted, you need to surround yourself with people who only want you to have the best life possible. People who encourage you and see your potential and the possibilities you can't even see yourself.

So where do you start? That will be my next blog, so I hope you stay with me this year on this journey and let me help you, uplift and inspire you to be the best version of yourself possible. I have some exciting things coming this year. I would love you to share my blog with others and have them connect with me on my FB page Silver Lining Clutter Clearing and website. Till then have a fabulous week.

Love and blessings

Heids xo

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