What to expect from a Space Clearing

Hi everyone, well it has been a busy month and I am finally back to write my next blog. I hope you have all been well. So today I am going to talk about what you can expect when I do a Space Clearing for you and your family.

When you first connect with me, we will talk briefly about what I do and book a date for your client interview. If it is a onsite clearing I will come out to your home and we will sit and discuss a number of things and I have a set question list we will go through. I will also have a look and feel of your home, please dont be alarmed I am not there to look at how you live.

Some people find it intimidating for a stranger to come into their home as they invariably feel they have to tidy up, I am not there to judge. I do have to say though I need access to all rooms and areas, as I need to feel the energy and be able to walk around the space. It is best to please set aside 1 1/2 - 2 hours of uninterrupted time for the client interview..

If it is a remote clearing we will do the client interview by phone or skype. I also like to do face time so I can see your house, I have found this has helped immensely with the clearing process.

During the client interview we will also go through a list of mudras, these are special hand and body movements that I will use at your clearing and are very powerful in this process. I will have you select essential oils that resonate with you and this is what I use to make up your signature space clearing spray I will use and gift this to you on the day of the clearing. I will also would have had you prepare a hand drawn plan of your house. It has to be hand drawn as it will have your energy on it. You can go into as much detail as you want, EG furniture, plant placement ETC. It doesn't need to be an architect plan. I have received varying different plans drawn, some elaborate and some simple, it is up to you and how you feel at the time. I will also look at booking your space clearing date if not already organised previously.

I will then take away your answers to the questions and your hand drawn house plan and will meditate and intuitively connect to your home and see what it needs for the clearing. During this time I will select the instruments which will include, my space clearing bell, smudge or salt, crystals, flowers, candles, statues, cards, the colour of the colourisers and anything else that I feel that needs to go onto your altar for the clearing. I will also spend time writing your personal blessing. If there any special requirements, I will advise before I come on the day.

All pets need to be outside on the day of the actual clearing, this is purely because pets are sensitive to energy. Some reptiles are hard to move so I have had the owners cover them with a cloth.

On the day I will come to your home. It is important to have no interruptions such as visitors popping in, phones ringing etc. This is so you get the best possible clearing you can have. Generally I ask for you to set aside 2 - 2 1/2 hours depending on the size of the home. I will then set up your personal altar for the clearing, although I know what elements will be on the altar as I have them with me, I never know how it will look till it is finished. No two altars ever look the same. I even get surprised at the end result. I have not had one client not love their altar. The altar that is created for you is specially for you and your clearing. Everything that goes onto your altar is meant to be on there and has a reason for being there. An example is you may want more love in your life, so I may include 3 powerful love stones, Morganite, Kunzite and rose quartz on your altar. I have many crystals and been connecting and working with them for over 17 years. They not only look beautiful but are very powerful. Once the altar is set up I get to work going from room to room clearing your home with the tools I have. During the clearing I work intuitively and will also use other energy work such as Reiki and Heart Resonance as I am a qualified Practitioner. Some clients may want to join me doing the mudras in each room, others simply just want to relax and enjoy the calm and the sound of my bell. Some have even fallen asleep during the process.

Once I finish the clearing, I will clear you and your family and any pets you have. I will explain everything I have included on your altar and why it is on there. I will gift you with the flowers, a few specially selected crystals I have for you, your personal written blessing and your signature space clearing spray. I will then pack up the altar and leave you to enjoy your new space.

You will find your home to be more bright and have a sense of peace and harmony. Some visitors may even say your home feels different. This is due to the energy shift that has taken place. Even your family will feel different and more at peace with themselves. I will connect with you a few days later and see how everything is going and always will be there in the future should you have any questions.

I have found with the clearings I have done, that the more open the person is to having a clearing and the more information they give me at the time of the client interview the more powerful the clearing seems to be. All information gathered is kept strictly confidential.

Some people find they have things start to happen between the client interview and the clearing, this is generally because I am already connecting with you and your home and thinking about you and your clearing and focussing on what you want. I find that once I connect with someone for a clearing I start to get information coming through and it can be at odd times, like when I am shopping or doing something totally not related and a random thought or vision will pop into my head for that particular clearing. I always trust my thought process and what comes through, it is never wrong.

Depending on what information you have given me at your client interview, will depend on what happens afterwards. You may find you notice the difference right away, you may find you can't see any immediate changes. It is funny as when I speak to my clients a few days after a clearing I have some saying all these shift and changes have happened. Some though have said no changes, everything is the same just maybe a bit calmer and more peaceful and as the conversation progresses suddenly they start talking about other things that have happened and then suddenly stop and laugh, as they realise these are things they spoke about at their client interview where they wanted change to happen.

You could notice change right away or it could happen over weeks or months afterwards. Know this though, there is always going to be a energy shift after a clearing and it is always for a positive outcome, even if you cannot see it at the time.

Lots of clients I have done clearings for have had lots of things happen for them. I have had a client wanting a new relationship and she commenced a deeper relationship with someone that was already in her life and now they are engaged to be married. I have had clients want more peace and harmony in their homes. I have had clients wanting their business to increase with great results. I have cleared homes where there has been tragedy and sadness. I have cleared homes with spirits that were causing disharmony in the home. All of these clearings have resulted in positive shift and change in my clients lives for the better and even some of the things that have happened since having a clearing with me they couldn't even have predicted. Please check out some of my testimonials on my web site.

So what are you waiting for, if you want to create positive shift and change in your life then please give me a call.

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend everyone. Love Heids x

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