Space Clearing - it is not just smudging!

What is Space Clearing & when should we have one?

Space Clearing is the art of clearing negative and unwelcome influences and energy from Homes and Businesses.

Everything has energy, people, objects, furniture, nature & spaces. Everything is connected by energy, thought emotions and feelings.

We can go into a room and feel the energy. Sometimes we may not be completely aware of that energy, however it still will affect us on a deeper unconscious level.

Other times we will be consciously affected by it and feel an emotion of love, comfort and of being nurtured, like when you might visit your grandmas house as an example. There will be times where we may walk into a space and feel a negative or dense atmosphere like after an argument. We may not have witnessed or heard the argument or disagreement but we can feel the energy, usually people will say "You could cut the air with a knife".

Some people may feel a cold chill and feel uncomfortable in certain spaces, these may be related to spirits or other paranormal activity. This will be covered off in a separate blog.

How does energy work? Energy is connected in all space and time. We are all connected to the possessions we own, the people we come in contact with and wherever we go we leave our own personal energetic imprint.

Lets talk about the possessions we own first, they are connected to us no matter how far we travel or go, think about that for a minute. How much do you own, imagine your energy field dragging that around all day with you? You go over seas on holiday and those things are still connected to you. Now I am not saying we should all live as minimalists as we all have different lifestyles.

I think though we should be mindful about the things we choose to have in our lives and how much joy they bring us. This also goes without saying the relationships we have? Would you put up with someone who treats you badly all the time, insults you, or ignoring you and making you feel down? Generally most of us wouldn't, so why would you keep possessions that make you feel that way? When you go shopping for a new rug lets say, you will pick something in a favourite colour or pattern that would go with your other furniture and home. Something that you love and uplifts your energy and every time you walk on it and see it, you feel happy. You wouldn't choose something you don't like and that every time you see it you feel depressed and wish you hadn't purchased it?

We all should take time to look at our possessions and home and really feel the energy of our spaces, whether it be at home or at work. How do you feel walking into your home after a hard days work? Do you feel uplifted or drained? Do you feel safe and secure or scared and vulnerable?

How do other people feel in your home? Do they love coming over and feel recharged and happy? Or are they in a rush to leave?

Creating what I call Sacred Space is having a space where we are nurtured, happy and feel loved. It is a space where we can rest, relax, create happy memories with our families and friends and recharge our energetic selves.

Lets go back to our personal energy, we all have an auric field around us, this is our own personal energetic field. We can sense and feel others emotions with our energetic field before they say even anything. We also can communicate with each other from distance, have you thought about someone and then the phone rings and it is them on the phone?

With our personal energy, where ever we go we leave an imprint of our energy. Crazy right? Yes but it is true, how many places do we go to in our normal day? Work, supermarket, gym, take the kids to ballet, football practise the list goes on.

So this is where energy in spaces gets interesting. Take the house you live in for an example. How many people lived there before? Were they happy? Were they financially secure? Were they healthy? Did anyone pass away in the home?

If it is a brand new home you have built, were the workman that worked on your home happy to come to work? Were there any issues with the build? These and so many more questions can be asked about any home or business we are connected to.

With energy it builds up over time, layer upon layer. With Space clearing we are clearing the unwanted stagnant energy and not the happy comforting vibes.

There are a lot of people out there that go into a home and business and say ok I will clear it and wave a smudge stick around and may ring a bell or clap some sticks and say there you go. Now I am not saying this will not shift some of the stagnant energy if the purpose of intent is in a honourable and loving way. I did do this type of work for family and friends, however I had other elements I used with this and still had some good results.

With the Space clearing process I use now there is a lot more detail that I use. It is about getting all the information you want to share about you and your family members on what you are wanting to release and what you are wanting to bring in. The history of the home and area and so much more. Detailed research and meditation is spent on the elements that are going to be used for your personal clearing. There is many hours spent on each clearing from the client interview, research and the clearing, in general approximately 12-15 hours. Though I have had one that took 25 hours all up. This process is not rushed and takes as long as it takes. Due to this the results with this work have been astounding and you can read my testimonials on my web page.

When should I have a clearing? Everyone should have a clearing on a new space they are moving into, and preferably before you move into that space if possible. Other times you should have a clearing is when there has been a divorce or separation and one of the parties has moved out, a new relationship and when someone is moving in or when you want to sell your home. even if wanting to find financial abundance or love. The start of a new business. When you are feeling stuck and want to make dramatic change to your life or for new beginnings. You can basically have a clearing as often as you like, every 3, 4 , 6 months or yearly. It is like having a spring clean of your space and your emotions.

Having a Space Clearing can impact on your life in only a positive and harmonious happy way. The effects of a space clearing in the way I do it, can last months and even years, it is a ripple effect that just keeps on giving without sometimes you even realising it.

The reason I do this work is because it brings so much joy to peoples lives. Suddenly the struggling falls away and a peace and harmony comes into play and things that they couldn't have even seen possible suddenly come to fruition. It excites me to see the transformation in peoples lives. I hope this blog has helped you understand what a space clearing is.

If you would like to have a space clearing, please contact me via my web page or you can text and call me. Wishing you all blessings and happiness now and always Heids

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